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      1. 香港中和出版有限公司(Hong Kong Open Page Publishing Company Limited) 成立於2010年,為聯合出版(集團)有限公司屬下的成員機構。公司以「中和」及「Open Page」為名,秉持中正、平和、多元、創新的理念,為作者提供開放的出版平臺,為讀者提供優質的精品圖書。 10年來,中和以人文社科圖書為基本路向,形成了以文史中國、20世紀中國、當代焦點問題、科普科幻、日本文化等為主體的特色板塊,在華文讀者中具有一定的影響力,形成了良好的品牌形象。

        Hong Kong Open Page Publishing Company Limited is established in 2010. The “Open Page” endeavors to deliver ideas of objectivity, justice and tolerance. It aims to build up an open platform for authors, so as to provide high quality publications for readers. Its publications scope is mainly the humanities and social science.

        18/F., North Point Industrial Building, 499 King’s Road, North Point, Hong Kong
        Tel: +852-2138 7713
        Fax: +852-2871 0757
        Room 1405-06,Tower A Phase I,Tian An Innovation Science & Technology Plaza, Futian District,Shenzhen, China
        Tel: +86-755-8343 2510
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